Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CBBC's "Spirit Warriors" on iplayer again

Kids show I supervised in 2009, 1100 shots, every trick in the box on a shoe string budget.
Also learned a lot about love and compassion with production companies on this one.



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Supervising for Champs commercials

Check out these commercials I just finished supervising through Soho Editors for Th1ng, featuring two giants of the NBA and NFL, Kevin Durant and Max Stafford.
The spots were created for Champs Sports, one of the largest sports retailers in the US.

I worked closely with director Justin Dickel and producer Hannah Cooper to achieve the time slice shots and seamless transitions, supervising a team of six 2d and 3d artists.
After doing the previs animatics in Maya in London, the high speed footage was shot in L.A..
Shots were than tracked, CG liquids and balls added, supports for the sportsmen painted out and the shots blended together in AfterFX.

Check out the commercials here: