Monday, December 21, 2015

Accretion disk Concept Art for NSC Creative

It's Christmas, so it is all about Stars! 
So MERRY CHRISTMAS with some Concept art I did for the National Space Centre, illustrating the creation of the Solar System, more concept art and illustration on my Behance Portfolio

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Building projection for the "Moscow festival of light 2015" - Guinness World record for largest projection

I am very happy about last nights building projection "19,099 square metre show, titled ‘Light Discoveries’, was projected on to the surface of The Ministry of Defence in the Russian capital, taking the Guinness World record for largest projection. The projection was formed by 142 digital projectors across six towers, providing five levels of projection across the 370-metre facade – which is over six times the width and twice the height of London department store Harrods."

I worked as a VFX supervisor for the lovely people at Drive productions.
Theme of the 6:30min piece is the history and future of electricity.
My tasks were: concept art, Maya and After FX generalist, on set and vfx supervising a team of 8 artists.

Check out a video of the event here and here
Some pictures of the event here:
An article in AVI magazine here.
Behind the scenes at the shoot:

Agency: Lbl
Production company: Drive productions
Art director: Imogen Hammond
Producer: Selin Kemal
AfterFx lead: Shari Solo
Junior 2d/3D: Dom Sadler
After Fx: Tim Kirby

After Fx; William Bates
Senior 3d: Will Broadbent
Vfx editor:Ben Mizrani
Junior 2d/3D: Sean Covell
Matte paintings: Rainer Stolle
Junior 2d: Jamie Kendall
Junior 2d: Cat Boroughs
Concept art: Neal Petty
Concept art: Grant Dudson
D-3 consulting:Nils Porrmann

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 new music videos for "Build a Bear/ Honey Girls" out

Just noticed that 4 music videos for the new "Build a bear/Honey Girls" franchise I worked on got released.
I did these with the lovely people at HamptonBluff earlier this year; doing previs, renderman shading & lighting, plus a bit of character animation and mocap cleanup.

My 5 year old nieces should be very excited!

Honey Girls YouTube Playlist

Friday, April 10, 2015

Senior artist on Smoke & Mirror's "Can hold the power with Xperia"

Thank you Soho Editor's Daisybelle, Bex and Emma for yet again placing me at Smoke & Mirrors!
Produced by Laura-Jayne Ricketts, I was working alongside Lead Yannick Lorvo and Nuke genius Guillaume Weiss on the "Game cinematic Look-a-like" of the commercial (around min 1:00) .
My tasks included modeling and texturing the environment and an army in Maya and Zbrush, plus a bit of rigging, animation and particles. 

Check out the commercial here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do it again!

Before I forget it: Spent a whole night on a barge helping comping The Ting Tings "Do it again" for the lovely folks at Black Listed Films (through Soho Editors).

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finally finished my 2014 Mixtape.
Check out a YouTube playlist here:
El radio del Emocion 2014 Mixtape DeeJayceee