Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Being your true nature" great documentary out on the 8th of December!

Last summer I was shocked by the London riots and the violence and anger brought to my doorstep in London. Desperate, confused children destroying their OWN neighbourhood. 
Shortly after the riots I left for a meeting of a charity I have been supporting for some time.

I have never met so many amazing people at one spot in my life. 

They have amazing concentration and focus. They are knowledgeabl
e and interested in the world. They cultivate kindness with determination and intelligence.

They are educating children & adults to see and cultivate their best potential. In a secular way- using the wisdom traditions of the world.

Feel free to check out the documentary about the 2011 gathering released on the 8th of December:

Freeman Trebilocks Photo Montag UWE gathering

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